• Amy Ducanahan

    For fans of Amy

    March 22, 2013 by Amy Ducanahan

    Hi! This is for anyone who wants to talk about the Ashcan Series and its various references in Seraphina. I was personally very excited when I found several characters in common, including Foughfaugh, Cutheburte, Okra Carmine, as well as the Ducanahan name, not to mention the expanding folklore surrounding the saints. 

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  • Aly of the crooked eye


    September 22, 2012 by Aly of the crooked eye

    I went to Skokie today and met Rachel Hartman, though, true to character, I choked and didn't introduce myself properly. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed myself—it was really exciting to hear about the work behind Seraphina, and Ms. Hartman had many amusing anecdotes to tell. Plus, check it out—I got my Seraphina signed!

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  • Rogue Princess

    For anyone interested I've made this blog for people to discuss Abdo, for some reason out of the three grotesques we met in the book that Seraphina met in person and interacted with he intrigued me the most. I also fell in love with him pretty much from the start. I want to see what other people have noticed about him and their thoughts.

    I noticed that throughout the course of the book Fruit Bat was the most lifelike of her grotesques, and as the book later went on he was apparently one of the only ones to actually be aware of what was going on within Seraphina's mind. He could see the garden and was quite aware of the events that went on inside of it almost from the start it seems like, and yet only one other grotesque could do that and ev…

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  • Aly of the crooked eye

    Hey all! I've made this blog for everybody to post what they think about St. Yirtrudis, the "heretic saint" who didn't believe in Heaven and who is defaced in all representations of her.

    It seems to me that she could have scales on her face, or even a dragon head…

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  • LexiLexi

    Warning: spoilers ahead!

    If you read Seraphina, you might be wondering what is going to happen between Lucian Kiggs and Seraphina Dombegh, when it comes to his engagement with Glisselda. As we all know, Phina and Kiggs' feelings have become evident, but they cannot act on them until they tell Glisselda...and they do not plan on telling her until after the war.

    What do you think will happen? Normally I don't side with the "other woman", but it's not clear that Glisselda even loves Kiggs. Do you think she will respond well to the news? Do you think they will chicken out and not tell her? Guess below!

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