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Ityasaari is a race of human-dragon hybrids. Each of the ityasaari has silver scales on some part of their bodies, though the coverage varies. Other physical oddities or deformities range from possessing a tail to having feathers. As Okra Carmine is one hundred eight years old, it can be inferred that at least some of the ityasaari have extended lifespans like dragons.

Seraphina Dombegh is the most notable of the ityasaari, although there are others known.

Known ItyasaariEdit

There are eighteen ityasaari total. Following is a list of the thirteen known ityasaari and, if known, their physical deformities and abilties.

Seraphina DombeghEdit

  • Silver scales on her left forearm and in a band on her back

Seraphina has the ability to see the other ityasaari in visions and communicate with them telepathically.

Jannoula(Otter) Edit

Jannoula has mind control abilities.

Okra Carmine (Miss Fusspots) Edit

  • A tail

Okra Carmine has literal "gut feelings" about the future: her stomach can give her hunches about what will happen and/or where she should be.

Lars (Loud Lad) Edit

  • A slim band of silver scales on right bicep

He inlaid glass gems on his scales to make it look like he has a Porphyrian style braclet to ease suspicion. Lars is a genius architect and inventor.

Abdo (Fruit Bat)Edit

  • Silver scales on the inside of his throat and mouth, preventing speech

Abdo is unusually good at climbing.

Finch Edit

  • A beak, like a finch's

Gargoyella Edit


  • Feathers

Nag Edit



  • Undescribed, but "wallowing"


  • The swamp thing

Pelican Man Edit

  • A wattle hanging from his throat

His ability likely has something to do with stargazing, as his avatar is always looking to the starry sky in Seraphina's garden.


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