The Porphyrian philosophers are a series of famous philosophers. Dragons first took human form in order to converse with them.


Lucian Kiggs describes Archiboros as focusing on the life of the mind to the exclusion of reality, never actually testing any of his theories. Seraphina Dombegh describes him as a "pompous ass."[1]


Necans places huge emphasis on metaphysics, considering the physical world and physical matter of little importance; Lucian Kiggs claims that Necans would have preferred it if people were disembodied minds floating free. Necans is Seraphina's favorite philosopher.[2]

Known QuotationsEdit

"The world inside myself is vaster and richer than this paltry plane, peopled with mere galaxies and gods."

"An autonomous being, willful, unfettered, and free, stepping up to the first agon of your heart"
—From one of Necans's tragediessrc


Seraphina calls Pontheus a "jurisprudence philosopher;" in the light of that, it is not surprising that Pontheus is a favorite philosopher of Lucian Kiggs. Pontheus may have gone crazy in his later years, though Kiggs thinks Pontheus's work was better for it.[3]

Known WorksEdit

  • Analects
  • Love and Work: one of his final works, which included topics such as happiness, love, and work

Known QuotationsEdit

"Let the one who seeks justice be just."


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