The quigutl, commonly called "quigs," are a species related to dragons.


Quigs are significantly smaller than dragons, closer to human size or a little smaller. They are bipedal and have four hands, each with two thumbs. They have scales and crests similar to those of iguanas. They have no lips, and their tongue is hollow like a tube. Their eyes are conical and can retract, extend, and swivel independently of each other. They do blink. They can store objects, such as coins or trinkets, in their throat pouches. They are capable of emitting blue sparks when they speak. Their stomachs are speckled.

The whey of milk can make them ill.

Quigs have an extremely sharp sense of smell, sharp enough to be able to smell how much and what kinds of metal a person is carrying, as well as how sharp a knife is.[1]


Quigs like tight spaces and crannies; they initially lived in the mountains in caves with dragons, but after being included in Comonot's Treaty, many migrated south, where they live in human cities, primarily among refuse. They value metals.




Quigs speak a version of Mootya, the dragon language.


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