For anyone interested I've made this blog for people to discuss Abdo, for some reason out of the three grotesques we met in the book that Seraphina met in person and interacted with he intrigued me the most. I also fell in love with him pretty much from the start. I want to see what other people have noticed about him and their thoughts.

I noticed that throughout the course of the book Fruit Bat was the most lifelike of her grotesques, and as the book later went on he was apparently one of the only ones to actually be aware of what was going on within Seraphina's mind. He could see the garden and was quite aware of the events that went on inside of it almost from the start it seems like, and yet only one other grotesque could do that and even then we don't know if she had Abdo's range.

He was also seeking out Seraphina in real life before she even knew she was supposed to be seeking her grotesques out. She kept throwing away the dancer form for her audtions. Abdo was quite the clever little boy even if it took Seraphina a while to notice everything surrounding him.

He's also got a powerful presence for being so young, otherwise I don't think he would be in charge of the dance troupe and I don't think his grandfather would be bowing to his whims. Then again it could have to do with his unique abilities and his connection to Seraphina, we'll have to wait and see. There's so much we don't know about him and I'd love to see what other people noticed about him.

Please feel free to add on your own speculations and what you noticed about Abdo, most of this is my thinking back over his character from the time I devoured the book. I will be going back to reread Seraphina once I finish up my other books and have some free time between Drama and Math.

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